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October 28, 2012 at 8:53am
Why is it that hunters who have a fanatical belief in their 2nd amendment rights have so little regard for the property rights of others?

Once again, I was walking in my woods yestterday with my four house dogs when a neighbor came barreling down MY path leading his pack of hunting dogs to roam thru MY property. When challenged he seemed to think that was his right. We will be picking up his beer cans and other trash he and his friends will leave on the road in front of our peoperty.

Is everyone created equal...but some more equal than others? Hunting with dogs is barbaric...and lazy! "This Bud's for you!"
November 04, 2012 at 6:00am
You Are My Brother

You and I don’t like each other very much. You see, I am a liberal and you are a conservative. Hate is too strong a word but in the last several years we have grown to literally despise each other. It wasn’t always that way. We had disagreements and had much different views on many subjects but we most often listened and spoke civilly. What has happened to us, you and I? On September 11, 2001, we held each other, cried together, and we were all Americans that day. Race, creed, religion, or national origin did not muddy our relations or our feelings for each other. They did not stand in our way. We were as one. We were all brothers and sisters. What happened to us?

We have become so divided that we cannot speak to other in civil terms. If we were on opposite demonstrations across the street from each other, our faces would be contorted with rage, our insults personal and demeaning. Some of us would be close to committing violence. What has happened to us?

I am as guilty as you. I think of you in terrible terms and if I don’t say them to your face I do so behind your back. You are a bigot, a racist, a homophobic, and a Bible thumping hypocrite. To me your patriotism is so misplaced that you are a danger to our democracy.

To you, I am a misguided, fuzzy headed, latte drinking, SUV, driving nut case. I am a friend to the enemy, a coward, and I undermine all that is right about our country. I do not have a faith that is worthy of God and I am a libertine and immoral.

I think that the leadership of our country is totally bankrupt of our democratic ideals. You think that I and those like me don’t have any ideals.

We are so far apart, you and I, it just seem like there could never be any reconciliation. But, you know something? If I was lying by the side of the road or if I had a jar at the local Zip Mart asking for money for a cancer treatment I couldn’t afford, if something terrible happened at the school, you would be the first to help me and I would be the first to help you. You see that is what happened to each and every one of we Americans on September 11, 2001. We wee hurt, terribly hurt, you and I. We looked in each other’s eyes, we felt each others pain and we were like a family and it didn’t make one darn bit of difference if we were Democrats or Republicans, if we were black or white, or if we went to different churches or any church at all. Our national conscience was in anguish and we reached out to each other, we held each other, and we were a family.

Well---we are not in very good shape right now, you and I. The election is in a few days and no matter what happens there is going to continue to be hard feelings, anger, and bitterness. Of course I am rooting for my side as you are for yours. But what joy is there to be in winning if we are back on the picket lines (theoretical) with red faces contorted with rage, hurling insults, and despising each other. That is the real victory for the enemies of our country. If they or anyone in our government on either side has caused our family to splinter, then we have lost our meaning and we have lost our way. Is there any way we can agree to disagree and do so with decency and love.

I am extending my hand as I say a prayer. Will you take it? I do not believe it is Gods will that we destroy our own family. After all, you are my brother.

January 15, 2013 at 11:13am
A good question?

Why shouldn’t we and why couldn’t we treat depictions of violence by the same rules and laws that we do pornography? Isn’t one as bad as the other or even worse?
Perhaps the question should be when will we?
January 16, 2013 at 4:32am
You know that you are starting to look REALLY old when...someone comes up to you at a Civil War re-enactment...and thanks you for your service!
January 17, 2013 at 7:50am
Seventy years ago at age eleven I twisted Neil English’s arm and made him cry. Neil was the smallest, frailest and sickliest boy in the class. I was the second smallest, frailest and sickliest boy in the class. I did it because I could. I could bully somebody. I have deeply regretted it to this day and have always wished I could tell Neil I have changed and am terribly sorry.

On the other hand if I hadn’t changed I could now be a twenty-five term GOP Congressman from the state of Oklahoma! As the King said to Anna in the King & I, ”Is a puzzlement!”
May 08, 2013 at 10:14am
Reading the News and Observer on this beautiful Wednesday morning and looking at GOP's tax plan. Let me see if I got this right, $30,000 income you pay more taxes. After that the more you make the bigger your tax break is. not sure what I will get but regardless, that family of four, making $30,000, that is working needs a tax break more than I do.I am a 100% Republican, but looking at the way the Republican party is acting on more and more issues, I becoming less and less true Republican and can't believe I would even consider going over to the dark side. We elect these idiots, both parties, and they only do what they want, not what we want. Example look at nation wide at the gun bill as to back ground checks and majority is for it, yet some how our elected Pol. think we don't matter. Back ground checks has nothing to do with 2nd amendment. If you have a gun shop you have to have background check anyway, so at gun shows you don't, unreal. Oh well we can't complain we keep electing these idiots in office, and considering how much it cost to run campaign we majority of people that are out of touch with the average person. Why not when running for office no tv ads, no paper ads. no campaign posters, and no campaign donations. Only show how each person stands on the issues and five or 6 debates. In other words give someone out there that doesn't have the finances to run a big campaign, doesn't owe anyone any favors from them giving heavy for there campaign, and someone with some common sense to decide what laws to enact. Let's face it look at what we have elected so far.
I realize we have to cut spending and am all for it even if it affects me BUT we need to do it fairly and if a person that is working, getting no help from government, barely making enough to live on, then don't take from them, they are reason this government is able to function with their tax dollars they are paying.
As my wife tells me all the time that's enough Larry, settle down and blood pressure will be better.

Larry Daniel
October 13, 2013 at 6:36am
In the October 10th issue, the article by Larry Marciniak entitled "Our Congress(man) naps as the nation faces a crisis," ridicules George Holding, claiming "...the charitable thing to do is send him home in November 2014," and that Holding "doesn't need the money."

Well, at least one of those statements is factual: George obviously doesn't need the money because he is refusing pay during the shutdown.

On October 1st, George wrote Mr. Dan Strodel at the Chief Administration Office the following letter:

"Dear Mr. Strodel,

During a government shutdown, Members of Congress will continue to receive their paychecks. At the same time, many government workers in North Carolina and across the nation will not be paid

In light of this, during this lapse in appropriations and shutdown, please withhold my pay."

Here's the link:


Other NC Congress members refusing pay are Renee Elmers and Sen. Richard Burr.

While I applaud your attempt to inform voters on their misbehaving lawmakers, I feel that malicious, one-sided attacks are dangerous and unwarranted in an adult dialogue.

"Ridicule is a man's most potent weapon."

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